Mounties Club Grants Funding Program

How do I apply?

Web links to Club Grants Government areas for Mounties Group as follows:

Club Grants Category 1 Applications apply direct through Local Government Areas:

Fairfield City Council:

Liverpool City Council:

Mounties Category 2 Funding Application Form

Applications for funding in 2016 are now open
(effective September 2015 – 31 August 2016).

How do I apply?

Your funding request will be considered under Club Grants Category 2 of the scheme when you submit the online application form.

Mounties Category 2 Funding Application Form (Cash $)

Mounties Category 2 Funding Application Form In Kind


Mounties Directors

 Mounties Staff

The complete list of ClubGrants for 2015 are as follows

Fairfield Council - Triglav Grants

Hammondcare Health And Hospitals Limited

Australia NSW

Just Care Inc
Anti-bullying Seminar

Miracle Babies
Foundation Ltd

The Trustee for the Salvation Army (NSW) 

Fairfield Council - Mekong Grants 

Community Centre

Cambodian Australian
Welfare Council of NSW Inc.

NSW Vietnamese Elderly Friendship
Association Inc.

Vietnamese Australian
Table Tennis Association Inc.

Vietnamese Community In Australia
NSW Chapter Inc.

Vietnamese Parents With Disabled Children
In NSW Support Group Inc.

Fairfield Council - Mounties Grants 

Anowah Community
Living Inc.

Cabramatta Community Centre
Seniors Past in Pictures

Cabramatta Community Centre
Home, Safe Home

Cabramatta Community Centre
I Need Someone To Talk To

Cabramatta Community Centre
Live Healthier - Live Happier

Cabramatta Community Centre – ACTS
Actively Caring Through Sharing  

Cabramatta High School
CHS Pacific

Disability South West

NSW Spanish and Latin American
Association NSW SLASA

The Parks Community Network Inc.
The Parks VIP for VIPS

The Parks Community Network Inc.
Parks' EASE

The Parks Community Network Inc.
Parks School Holiday Program 

Verona School
Annual School Camp

Wesley Community Services Limited
Wesley Counselling Services

Western Sydney Cycling
Network Inc.

Woodville Community Services
Teen Group Therapy

 Fairfield Council - Mounties, Mekong, Triglav Grant

The Ted Noffs Foundation
Don't Stop Now!

Liverpool Council - Mounties Grants

Delta Society

Fairfield Business
Education Partnership Inc.

Liverpool Neighbourhood

Miller Art & Fact Inc.

The Leukaemia Foundation
of Australia Limited

The Royal Life
Saving Society NSW   

The Shepherd Centre
For Deaf Children

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